Esaote O-Scan – Affordable Extremity MRI

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Esaote O-Scan Extremity MRI in Use

Esaote O-Scan Extremity MRI in Use

I have just launched a new single page enquiry website for a client – Esaote MRI Australia.

MRI Pty Ltd is the distributor for Esaote O-Scan magnetic resonance imaging machines here in Australia.

From what I understand these machines are quite affordable when compared to stereotypical MRI machines and they are quite a bit smaller. The idea behind these MRI units is to be both affordable but also comfortable for patients who need extremity MRI’s. The patients don’t need to be entirely inside the unit, only the extremity being scanned, such as their arm or leg. This means it’s non-claustrophobic. I expect it is also a lot less daunting to simply place your arm in the machine than your entire body. Continue Reading

Passing through Narooma, Wagonga Inlet and Bar Rock

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Wagonga Inlet, Narooma

Wagonga Inlet, Narooma

Recently Tammy and I made our way down the South Coast of NSW and were blessed with some beautiful days and stunning scenery.

Narooma is a quiet little town situated on the southern side of Forsters Bay and the Wagonga Inlet roughly half way between Bega and Batemans Bay. North Narooma is on the northern side of the Bay and Inlet. The Princes Highway runs through the town, so if you take that route you will pass through it. The bay and inlet are a beautiful blue as you can see in the photo to the right and looks so inviting. Continue Reading

Gold Coast Health & Safety Representative Training / Course

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A client of mine (through TerraMedia), Gold Coast Institute of Technology, has just recently launched a new WHS course catering to the 2011 Work Health and Safety Act regarding health and safety representatives (HSR’s).

According to the QLD Government website, the HSR is elected by staff and their main role is to liaise with staff to identify health and safety issues then pass that information on to management.

The HSR course is available with flexible times including a 5 day intensive that funding may be available for depending on your circumstances.

For those interested, you can access the new course info by going here. They will also be able to help you to work out if funding is available.


The Human Condition Series – It Is Written Oceania

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Over the last three weeks It Is Written Oceania has released another three part series titled “The Human Condition”. Are we alone in the universe? Are we really bad? Is there such a thing as a utopia on earth? Check out the eps below:

Part 1 – Fish and Chimps


Life can be hard, very hard. What’s even worse is that we are told by people who claim to be in the know, that we are alone in a cold and hostile universe, and that no one out there cares for us. In this, the first of a series called “The Human Condition,” Gary Kent takes issue with that view. Instead he points us to the ways in which God’s intimate interaction with humanity helps reveal His love for us.

Part 2 – Crimes Against Humanity


Modern psychology says that deep down we, as human beings, are good at heart. The Bible, however, says something quite different. It tells us that we are sinners, and that we are all corrupt to the bone. In this, part two of a series called, “The Human Condition,” Gary Kent seeks to answer the question, “Are we really that bad?” And he shows us the answer is found in the cross of Jesus Christ.

Part 3 – No Place


It’s pretty clear that life is not what it should be. We live in a harsh and unforgiving world. And though people tried to create utopias, it has never worked. Why? Because we are fallen creatures in a fallen world. Today, Gary Kent looks at some of these failed utopias and points us to our only hope: Jesus Christ.

Origin Series – It Is Written Oceania

April 8, 2014Matt No Comments »

It Is Written Oceania has just released a three-part series on the topic of Origins. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? Are we made in His image? What does the Bible Say? It’s an interesting series and quite exciting for me as I got to help out with reviewing and editing the scripts (which were written by Clifford Goldstein) before they went to filming! Check them out below and please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested:

Part 1 – Where Did It All Begin?


Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? These are just a few questions that humans have been asking for millennia. Some people answer that we are nothing but chance products of a godless cosmos that has doomed us to destruction. In this, the first part of a series on “Origins,” Gary Kent points us to a completely different answer, one that better fits the reality we do see and offers us hope.

Part 2 – In His Image


Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? These are just a few questions that humans have been asking for millennia. Some people answer that we are nothing but chance products of a godless cosmos that has doomed us to destruction. In this, the second part of a series on “Origins,” Gary Kent points us to a completely different answer, one that better fits the reality we do see and offers us hope.

Part 3 – London Fog


Some people in England started what had become known as the London Atheist Bus Campaign. They placed ads on buses in the city making claims about the non-existence of God and what that means for us. In the last of this series on “Origins,” Gary Kent takes a look at those claims and, finding that they don’t stack up, turns to the Bible to find something much more hopeful.

Crypto-Currency, Coins and Mining

February 12, 2014Matt No Comments »
The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of days ago I started reading about BitCoin. I don’t really know what, I think it may have been after coming across yet another news article on it.

Nevertheless, it lead me into an interesting world of HashCash, cryptography, prime numbers, mining, ASIC‘s and more artificial currencies than I imagined.

Having done virtually no reading on BitCoin before and having almost nothing to do with it (though I have a vague suspicion I may have setup a wallet years ago that is now long gone), I was surprised at just how much people are spending on it and how much of an industry has sprung up around mining it.

ASIC’s are application specific integrated circuits. These are designed specifically for mining BitCoin. Crazy stuff.

BitCoin is mined by utilising your processing power to process and verify BitCoin transactions. If you are lucky, you might unlock a block of coins in the process. Due to the high volume of some miners, particularly those invested in ASIC’s, its become difficult to get anywhere mining on your own. This has lead to pools, that pool resources and split the profits in a variety of ways.

On from here I began discovering other crypto-currencies based on BitCoin’s open source platform, most with variations of some kind or other.

LiteCoin seems to be one of the larger competitors and uses Scrypt cryptography instead of HashCash and PrimeCoin is based around prime number calculations.

I’ve had a little bit of a play with mining different currencies as well to see what was involved and if it is worthwhile bothering on a small scale (keeping in mind that mining on a standard computer runs your CPU and/or GPU quite intensively depending on the type of coin).

Having mostly Mac computers, I’ve had a play with two mining programs, Asteroid and Mac Miner. Both seem to work quite well but Asteroid has a nicer interface. Asteroid does not work below OS X 10.8 and Mac Miner doesn’t work very well below 10.7. Both seem to run well on later versions of OS X though. I just need to get round to upgrading the Mac Pro from 10.6.8. One other thing to note is that BitCoin is not worth mining at all on a CPU anymore, however, some of the others such as LiteCoin and PrimeCoin are.

Based on my reading so far, it seems to me that the crypto-currencies of most interest in no particular order are:

  • BitCoin
  • LiteCoin
  • DogeCoin
  • PrimeCoin
  • PeerCoin

DogeCoin is a meme based currency setup as a joke I believe, but it appears to have grown quite rapidly. PrimeCoin is based on PeerCoin, and both are more focused on CPU mining at this time and have taken a bit of an innovative approach using prime number calculations.

LiteCoin appears to be the second largest after BitCoin and currently still much easier to mine on a hobby level than BitCoin with the Scrypt method intended to discourage ASIC development (though it sounds like they are in the works anyway).

At the end of the day though, these coins are all schemes, artificial currencies that have value purely because people are willing to assign value to them. So whether one will grow or not is dependent on how many people are willing to use it.

It’s interesting, but I keep coming back to: It’s not real money. It can be exchanged for money, goods and services, as long as people continue to assign a value to it. It may be the future of currency and “real money”, it may not. It’s constantly changing though.

Overall, I think it’s fascinating, exciting and potentially a waste of time, but you never know ;)

Some interesting links:

  • Crypto Coin Charts List – Values, trading volumes of many crypto-currencies.
  • Triple-Mining Pool – A mining pool for BitCoin that seems to work relatively well for hobby miners with some extra features.
  • My Triple-Mining Mini Pool - In case you would like to join it :)
  • P2Pool - Has pools available for just about every type of coin along with graphs available to show the success rates.

Do you mine any of these coins, or any others? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!

The Best Little Advice Book – Wisdom and Money

February 1, 2014Matt No Comments »

The episode of It Is Written Oceania airing this week features Gary Kent studying the advice the Bible gives us about money. Some of the advice is the sort of thing you might expect to hear anywhere. I found it really interesting though some of the points that came from the Bible. Things that I have read before but never really considered. It’s really worth a watch, whether you need money wisdom or not.

The synopsis reads:

Have you ever struggled with your finances? Learn how to be debt free by turning to the Best Little Advice Book that has impacted the world with its unique wisdom on money.

Two New Carver Skateboards Available At Skate-Parts.Com

January 29, 2014Matt No Comments »

I’ve been a fan of Carver’s unique C7 truck system since I first came across it back in 2009, and I definitely love the ride of my 28″ Tear Drop board, so I thought I’d share two new Carver skateboards that have arrived at Skate-Parts.Com in the cruiser range – The 29″ Swallow Tail, and the 36″ Spaceman Pintail.

The Swallow Tail is a reissue of one of their earlier boards with revamped artwork and the new Carver Mag Wheels. The Spaceman Pintail on the other hand is a new model in a new shape offering a great all round board for cruising or hitting the hills. It also features the new Carver Skateboards Mag Wheels, which are larger than the old Carver Radials and offer a much better ride.

Check out the Swallow Tail below:

Carver Skateboards Swallow Tail Cruiser

Carver Skateboards Swallow Tail Cruiser

The Day It Rained Fire – By It Is Written Oceania

January 28, 2014Matt 1 Comment »

This is one of the first episodes presented by Pr Gary Kent for It Is Written Oceania. It’s an on location video about the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia and the impact it had on the lives and faith of the people caught in it.

The synopsis reads:

Black Saturday, 7 February 2009, is in the record books for all the wrong reasons: Australia’s worst natural disaster on the hottest day ever in Melbourne. Tragically, 173 people died in a holocaust of fire. Over 2000 homes were destroyed, Entire towns were razed to the ground. Over 7500 people were left homeless. More than 450 000 hectares of land was destroyed. Faced by a terrible tragedy like this, can we still believe in God?

I found this video very emotional, and I did struggle a bit watching it. There is nothing graphic or age inappropriate, but there is a lot of raw emotion that comes through the interviews and the destruction of the fire is devastating to see.

Australia Day Long Weekend 2014

January 27, 2014Matt No Comments »

What did you get up to this Australia Day? Tammy and I have been so flat out, running backwards and forwards between the Gold Coast, Kempsey, Sydney and Wagga Wagga over the last two months. Almost every weekend we have had to travel somewhere and have not had an opportunity to really explore our new home, around Sydney. So we decided this Australia Day to ironically, go driving! One thing that we have been talking about doing for a while is visiting and driving across the Sea Cliff bridge at Coal Cliff, on the Grand Pacific Drive just north of Wollongong.

So that’s what we did. It’s about an hour south of where we live, so it’s an easy day drive. We were so busy enjoying ourselves I didn’t take any photos, but we will definitely be going back so I will have to make sure to get some next time! There is a route map featuring the bridge here, it is located between Stanwell Park and Thirroul.

It was a spectacular drive, and we continued on down to Wollongong and all the way down to Shellharbour before circling around and making our way back up to Sydney. The scenery is spectacular. It reminds me in some ways of the Gold Coast, and in other ways, of Newcastle.

We are really looking forward to exploring the area more, and highly recommend checking out the bridge if you have the opportunity!

What did you get up to this Australia day?

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