There are a lot of attacks from Labor this election…

March 10, 2012Matt No Comments »

This years state election for QLD seems to have an awful lot more personal attacks at the LNP candidate, Campbell Newman, than I’ve seen in any of my limited voting years for any election.

It leaves me wondering how Anna Bligh can actually put her name on these campaigns. I wouldn’t want to be associated with a party that has to so viciously attack their opposition on such personal levels, it actually turns me off any possibility of voting for Labor (even though I prefer the Labor candidate for my local seat to the LNP candidate).

The only conclusion it leaves me to draw is that the Labor party has no confidence that they can actually win against Campbell Newman, and that their only hope is to resort to personal attacks, rather than focusing on what they have done and plan to do.

Seriously, who looks better, the candidate and party that just attacks the other (maybe they have put forward policies, but if they have, I haven’t heard anything of it, all I hear about is Newman this, Newman that, honestly Labor, you are giving Campbell free advertising!), or the candidate and party that actually puts forward a decent set of policies?

Come on Labor, you’ve sold me on anyone but you, now trying selling me on you.

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