The Day It Rained Fire – By It Is Written Oceania

January 28, 2014Matt 1 Comment »

This is one of the first episodes presented by Pr Gary Kent for It Is Written Oceania. It’s an on location video about the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia and the impact it had on the lives and faith of the people caught in it.

The synopsis reads:

Black Saturday, 7 February 2009, is in the record books for all the wrong reasons: Australia’s worst natural disaster on the hottest day ever in Melbourne. Tragically, 173 people died in a holocaust of fire. Over 2000 homes were destroyed, Entire towns were razed to the ground. Over 7500 people were left homeless. More than 450 000 hectares of land was destroyed. Faced by a terrible tragedy like this, can we still believe in God?

I found this video very emotional, and I did struggle a bit watching it. There is nothing graphic or age inappropriate, but there is a lot of raw emotion that comes through the interviews and the destruction of the fire is devastating to see.

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